the fastest way to pay in restaurants

turn tables quicker increase average spend get more tips save money, save time

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Adapt to a new reality without sacrificing your customer experience

Guests scan a QR code to view your menu with their phones.
Guests continue to order with your waitstaff as always.
Guests pay their bill from their phone & the table auto-finalizes on your POS.
Touchless payments frees up time so our staff can provide an even better service to our customers.
Mitch Nguyen, Owner at La Belle Tonki
it's a
win win
up to 15 mins saved per table
+18% more tips
+10% average ticket size
3 more touchpoints with guests
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Reduce front of house cost
Free up valuable time for your staff and allow them to focus on providing an amazing guest experience.
Increase your staff's efficiency
Turn tables faster to get more customers through your doors even with limited venue capacity.
POS integrated
We automatically sync your table receipts with customer's phones & auto-finalize the table after a customer pays.
Hygienic & safe
Limit unnecessary contact with menus & payment terminals. Keep your customers & staff safe.
scan to
A POS integrated solution that allows your guest to pay on their phone but order with your waitstaff.
Guest can split the bill or pay in full for the table.
Customizable tips geared for your business
Verified reviews and email receipts.
Guests can scan a QR code at their table to view a digital version of your menu.
Avoid reprinting menus for each guest.
Simple PDF menu uploads.
Multi-menu & bilingual support.

Our integrations

* Payment integrations vary by country
Equip yourself with contactless
tools to adapt your business.
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Keep your staff & guests safe with our touchless payments
Learn how going contactless can transform your business.
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