order at table

allow guest to order & pay their meal from their seat for a safe and contactless experience.

Delight your guests with a complete touchless solution.

Our POS integrated solutions allows your guest to order & pay at their table for a complete touchless experience.
No physical menus or receipts. Guest scan a QR code to browse your menu, place their order and pay.
No more back & forth. Guest order & pay when they are ready from their seat. No more waiting for menus or payment terminals.
Paperless Menus
Avoid single-use menus and keep guests safe with QR code mobile menus.
Dine-in ordering
Mobile friendly ordering branded to your business
Contactless Order & Pay
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Streamline your operations & give guest more control.

Improve table turn times, reduce your labor costs and increase customer tips all at once.
Turn table 10-15 mins sooner to serve more guests during limited seating restrictions.
Free up time for your staff and improve their efficiency.
Increase tips by an avg. of 18% with guest in control of their experience.

Collect valuable data to better understand your customers.

Understand exactly who your customers are and drive targeted marketing campaigns to keep them coming back.
Access guest info with every check & tie transactions to a guest's name, email and phone number.
Understand who is ordering to better serve diners and similar guests.
Learn how going contactless can transform your business.
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