La Belle Tonki

La Belle Tonki drives $250k in online sales and saves $28k on delivery fees using CHK PLZ in just 4 months.

Online ordering

After taking over his mom's restaurant with his childhood friend, co-owner Mitch Nguyen has transformed La Belle Tonki into a Montreal favourite, often describing his restaurant as a "community center" for his loyal customers. With walls decked out with old-school kung-fu & manga photos and a hip-hop soundtrack, La Belle Tonki creates the perfect mix between a party vibe and homey comfort.


As all of their sales shifted online, Mitch needed to implement an online ordering system to avoid relying solely on marketplace apps with high commission-fees. While he initially implemented WIX, he quickly noticed that the system couldn’t keep up with his high volume of orders – resulting in many order mistakes and long wait times for his customers.

Providing his own in-house delivery also reached its limit, and he found that many customers were opting to order on marketplace apps, meaning thousands of dollars of lost revenue.

To have tried a few online ordering platforms before, I can say this one is one of the best if not the best for a restaurant.
Mitch Nguyen, Owner at La Belle Tonki


Using CHK PLZ’s order pacing and POS integrated online ordering & delivery, La Belle Tonki was able to increase their order throughput while reducing customer wait times and order mistakes. In just 4 months, they were able to drive 6200 orders, resulting in $250k in revenue all on their own website.

In that same time, La Belle Tonki shifted 3600 delivery orders to their website and saved nearly $28k on commission fees by bringing their cost of delivery down to just $4 per delivery order.

6200 🥡
Website orders in 4 months
$28k 💰
Saved in commission fees

Avoid relying on marketplace apps and start saving thousands on commission fees.

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