contactless payments for an improved guest experience.

increase sales, reduce cost and better connect with guests using QR code payments and online ordering.

Thousands of restaurants have transformed their business

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Everyone should use CHK PLZ - David McMillan, Joe Beef

making the lives of restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs and hotels that much easier

the most simple way to get paid

Built by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. connect your front and back of house operations to deliver the fastest payment method
Give your guests control over their payment experience and see an average increase of 18% TIPs.
Improve your table turnover by 10-15 minutes to seat more guest during your busiest hours.
Raegan Steinberg & Alex Cohen| Owners at Arthur's Nosh Bar

Reach your customers where it matters — online.

Your customers are present online more than ever. Equip your business with the necessary tools to continue to reach them. All commission-free!
Start accepting pickup & delivery or dine-in orders from your own website and fight back against high delivery app fees.
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The CHK PLZ team supported the industry throughout the pandemic. As we were going through one of the most difficult periods for restaurateurs, CHK PLZ helped in making things easier for both our clients and our staff.

We are thrilled to be a part of their new journey with sunday and are ready to join the payment revolution!

David McMillan

Owner, Joe Beef
Testimonial Image

In the restaurant business, the margins are small. We roll on volume tomake our model sustainable. Therefore, CHK PLZ allowed us to survive during these rough times

It’s a great system, and since they helped us get through, I’m more than delighted to accompany them on the next chapter of their expansion with sunday.

Alex Winnicki

Owner, Satay Brothers
Testimonial Image

For our customers and business, CHK PLZ contributes positively to simplifying things. Our staff now puts more energy into service rather than payment, and this helps to enhance the customer experience.  We also noticed a 22% increase in tips because there's less waiting at the end of the meal and the whole payment process is much less painful. Finally, we observed a faster turnover and this translates into an increase in our sales.


Manager, Umami Ramen
Testimonial Image

Touchless payments frees up time so our staff can provide an even better service to our clients

The end result, in addition to the simplified payment itself, is an improved overall experience for our clientele. I’m happy to be part of the CHKPLZ plan

Michel Nguyen

Owner, La Belle Tonki
Testimonial Image

Excellent quality of service, flexibility, responsiveness, the entire CHK PLZ team has always been there from the start of our collaboration, for each of our establishments: Foiegwa, Fugazzi, Barroco, Super Loco!

Jérémy Barnabas

Operations director, Barroco Group
Testimonial Image

Incredible platform, and out-of-this world service for small businesses. CHKPLZ not only has helped us transform our business to Take-Out, it has enabled us to save over 20K$ in less than a year when compared to other platforms of its kind. Humanly priced, and humanly built. We love CHKPLZ!

Vanya Filipovic

Owner, Vin Mon Lapin
Testimonial Image

As a business owner, the struggles of adapting to new measures has been nothing but a challenge. However, CHKPLZ not only has saved our delivery program but has augmented the delivery experience for both our staff and clients.

Strongly suggest going with CHKPLZ if you aren’t already with them.

Thinh Nguyen

Owner, Mikado
Testimonial Image

Implementing to our business was super smooth - and they have helped us stay afloat during the pandemic. Great customer service, very fast response time and always providing solutions.

Kyle Fowler

Partner, Paradis BBQ
Testimonial Image

I am so grateful for CHK PLZ. It has completely changed how we do business in the most profound way possible. Ordering has never been easier for our clients. The customer service has been so excellent and always pleasant to communicate with (thank you!).

Danielle Issa

Owner, Velvet Lane Cakes
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